Monday, January 18, 2010

unfinished business

The semester is coming to an end, children are feverishly trying to hand in unfinished work yet they still try not to actually do any work. Now remember this is only some. Others, like the champions that they are have pulled up their socks and stepped on the gas! Definate shout out to them.

Speaking of the pulling up of socks, last year around this time I started a 50km ski race in Kamloops. Poor planning and a weak mind led to an uncharacteristic DNF. This Sunday is all about self redmeption. I don't plan on winning unless Steven Bradbury was my lucky charm, but I do plan on going out on the conservative side of my balance point and feeling great and given'r for the last 20km. I'd like to pass people on the last lap, not be passed. I'll let you know.

On another note, go to and type in "pulling up socks" 2nd row.


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