Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Overlander 50km!!

This past weekend I raced the Overlander 50km Skate race. It was a great day for racing. We rolled into Stake Lake Ski area to a disceptive -6 degrees and fog. Over the week I had been watching the weather and had already waxed appropriatly, thanks to Frank for hooking me up with some Black Wolf, I had quick skis!

So after a little warm up the race was underway. It started off hot as usual and I managed to not blow my whole race right at the beginning. At the first hill a group of 6 or so went up the trail and contended for the win. I was in the next group of 8 or so guys and we were rolling! A race was in the works! It was so fun to have guys around me and be drafting and actually have that feeling of racing. I had fast skis, I was catching guys way heavier than me on the down hills. Each lap the effort increased a little so that 1 or 2 guys would get popped off the back of the group. For me this happened around 43Km, I tried to go with another athlete but the call to the engine room for more power went unanswered. Not to worry, I finished and improved on my overall placing from 2 years ago. I came 12th and felt good all day.

The best part of the trip besides the race was hanging out before and after. On our way home we stopped in Peachland at a Restaurnt called The Blind Anger, http://www.blindangler.com/ to have some delicious burgers and fries. Fantastic location, great service and really good food. I will definatly go back there soon.

While sitting reminishing about the day DBD once again offered up some cash for me to jump in the lake. I wanted to, but since he and his wife just had twins, his budget for shinanigans has been reduced. I figured for a brown one I would have but a red one just doesn't cut it.

Here's a few photos taken by Kerry Vancooy.

Thanks to DBD for driving and Johnny and Al for the company. Also to Frank for the wax.


This just in, a post race video!!

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