Friday, January 15, 2010


Have you ever noticed that you only get pasted by mini-vans? I drive an 'older' Volkswagen Golf, 23 years old to be exact. The "Mobile" has a custom muffler that I didn't pay for but others would, and I go on average about 7-10% over the speed limit most times, except for in school zones. Here I drive 5km below just to piss the people off who don't understand why we drive slow around schools. Because kids think they are invincible. Now back to the mini-vans. My first question is why?

1) Parents are late because they had to get their kids ready.
2) Parents are bored of their existence so they get a rush by going 30km over with their kids in the car.
3) According to DBD, who is a newly-minted connoisseur of the mini-van, it's because they are actually a little performancy.

I'm no expert, a) because I don't have kids and b) don't have a mini-van but I think it's all of the above. If you dropped close to 40 grand on a mini-van you'd want to see what it has too.

Take care and slow down.


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