Monday, April 5, 2010

Annual Waterman East Egg Hunt

Every Easter the Waterman clan comes together to collect those pesky little eggs, that get laid by the Easter Bunny. Every year it turns into a mad rush for eggs and then several well planned ambushes to get others eggs. My tactic is to wait for my little sister Erin to build up her egg supply and then attack! This isn't a normal attack, I get her to pull her basket away and then I kick it. Eggs go everywhere, I push her over and scramble for eggs. This would work well except for the fact that Sarah (my older sister the vulture) and her Husband swoop in takes them all while we are fighting. I always end up laughing too hard to win.

This year Katie and I lost with 24 eggs, Erin had 31 (minus the four I stole after the fact) and Sarah won with 34.

After the hunt my mom and dad prepared an amazing turkey dinner. I feel very fortunate to be able to spend time with my family.


Easter Ride!

Four days off and 5 rides! Today Chris and I headed out to the Westbench in Penticton. I think it's called the Sepratist. Legend has it that a French Canadian made it. hmm.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"It'll be just around the corner.........."

Were the words from my esteemed riding partners. They were talking about the team car as we waited patiently. Dave had a flat, no let's be more specific than that - a pinch flat. Maybe ABD forgot to fully inflate his tires or it could have been what DBD said matter of factly. "People only get pinch flats because they are fat" At this point in the ride Tom let us in on a little secret - he had 4 cups of coffee this morning before the ride. pee #1.

We continuded on to Giant's Head the first climb of the day to be met by happy people hiking up and down and a 150lb grey Great Dane that decided to run with us as we rode up. This thing was HUGE! Very impressive and beautiful and it had a teethy grin the whole time. At the top pee #2 .

We rode back into Penticton to The Bench for a coffee and granola muffin. - that brings the count to 5 for DBD. We also proceeded to watch a family have a nice morning and see their son slouch over an iPod touch playing a game the whole time. It was time to ride. pee #3?.

Onwards and upwards we headed up to Spiller, above the Eastbench in Penticton. At the base of the climb DBD stopped to remove a couple of layers, oh and I think pee #4.

We passed the dump and the grade increased. I was just controlling my breathing and focusing on a steady cadence and spinning circles. At the steepest part of the climb DBD turned the screws just a fraction. What happened next is always a pleasure. ABD yelling a profanity and being dropped like 3rd period French. I went around him directly to Tom's wheel. We had a little battle to the top - I took a solid 2nd place, and we waited for Dave. pee #5.

All in all it was a great ride and fun as well.
Thanks for the ride guys.


Post script - I think the best thing about riding is that your bike is always up for a ride, it never says no and wants you to ride it as hard as you can as much as possible even twice a day.