Sunday, March 21, 2010

What makes an amazing sandwich?

Have you ever had a sandwich that was like..........damn! The other day I felt like having soup and a sandwich. So I had the stand by cloudy day soup - chicken noodle and I made a turkey sandwich on Squirrely bread. So what makes a great sandwich? Is it the bread? The veggies or the sauces? I think its all of the above, plus the process!

Firstly, the bread. Can't be dry or fall aparty. I like it toasted.
Secondly, mayo or ranch dressing.
Thirdly, put the lettuce on one piece of bread and the meat on the other. This step holds in any juices that may make the bread soggy in transport or storage.

Lastly, I put tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers in the middle.

Sounds pretty good.

the only other thing that could make it taste better is if someone else makes it!!

Take care


Thursday, March 18, 2010

reply from Samuel Kohen

ERRONEOUS ON MANY COUNTS!!!!! 1) This was the 3rd annual Kenny vs. Spenny hockey tournament. The score before this year was 2-0 for Sam. This year was the big upset year as Geoff - thanks to his high school students drastically improved his skating ability and has learned how to use his stick to hit the puck. It was a shocking upset that will resonate until next year when the rematch will right the wrong. 2) I don't appreciate the comments "on me being "Way bigger" or my lecture on "weight loss". I get the hint - I am out of shape! Everyone can now attest to this given the near cardiac arrest in the video. I will now hang my head in shame at my great defeat and binge eat until next year!


You never know what you are going to get........

When you open a drawer in a guys bathroom.


Spring break Extraveganza

Well, another Spring break has flown by! The first week my friend Sam and I headed up to Apex for our annual Kenny vs. Spenny weekend-o-fun. This consisted of snowshoeing up Mt. Riordan a couple of times, skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing and of course hockey. Oh yeah there was some Call of Duty, beer, and amazing amounts of beef. Plus a sprinkle of unassuming snowballs! We started off with a snowshoe up Riordan, it was my great idea that we should pack our downhill gear up with us, it was good but a sweat fest. The second day we tried to go downhilling but visibility was atrocious! So we cross countried instead. Sam did amazing for a guy who hasn't been more than a handful of times. On Saturday we awoke to an amazingly blue sky and about 10cm of fresh powder. We got down for first tracks and possibly had the best snowboarding I've done in the past 10 years!! We got in about 20 runs and our legs were fried! (this was foreshadowing for the following morning where a mano-a-mano hockey match was scheduled).

A little background info, Sam is a better hockey player than me hands down. He's bigger and has has played a lot more. But......the rink is at altitude, I've been training for triathlon and cross country skiing, oh and my Rec Leadership loves playing hockey. On top of this Sam is studying for his final Med School exam, the big Kahuna!! Needless to say, we are 1-1 for two years. I won 5-3.

That afternoon, I went down to Penticton and got my girlfriend Katie so we could all go for a skate ski together. Once again Sam did amazing for his first time Skating. We made a little promotional video for his upcoming lecture on weight loss.

The next morning we went up to Riordan again sans downhill gear. It was way easier and gave me a chance to catch Sam off guard at the top with a snowball. The perfectly shaped snow projectile caught him in the back, not as good as last years "back-of-the-head-while-he-was-peeing" but still good. It was on, there were several near miss head shots and a couple of good body shots all in all I need to work on my throwing arm! It was a fantastic time!! I'm looking forward to next year already!! GW

Ps: I got consistently throttled at Call of Duty. Plenty of getting knifed in the back and not even knowing what had just happened!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's been a while since I posted something on the blog, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening!

Last weekend Katie and I and my sister Erin went to the Olympics. After a torturous drive on Friday night on the Hope Princeton we made it! The next morning after a drizzly run, we went downtown and hung out on Robson and took in the atmosphere! It was absolutely electric and I'm so glad we went, just to see the crowds and people from all over the world. For example we were on the bus heading down and a group of Russians began to sing hymns - only at the Olympics! I ran in to the Austin Horn and his entourage. I think it's always interesting to run into people who you read their blogs so you know what's going on in some facet of their lives. (that's another post)
I wish I had a few more days as it's hard to fit in everyone! Next time.

And now I'm on Spring break, a little too early this year but I'll take it. I started it off ambitiously. Tom and I headed out early on Saturday morning for Vernon. We competed and completed the Sovereign Lake 30km skate. I had a very solid final race of the season, I placed 12th and with in 11 minutes of the leaders. yeah they better watch out!

After the race we made our way back home. Not with out a couple of stops of course!! We stopped at Stussi's to drool over skis, then a glorious bite of bratwurst at Helmuts.

Not sure Katie would have appreciated the 42" LCD playing a video of how they make the sausages. Ha.

If you get a chance it was so good.

From there we made a last minute decision to have a beer at the Cactus Club in Kelowna. No explanation needed. Thanks for the beers Bri.

From the CC we headed to Fresh Air to drool over more skis. Good times. All in all it was an excellent day.

Then today Katie and I went for a run. She went for 90 mins and I ran for 30. The best 30 of the year so far, the achilles felt really good, I'm very excited to slowly be getting back into running. Then this afternoon was my first ride outside, just a high cadence jaunt to Crescent Beach in Summerland. Bring it on!!

Thanks for reading.


Thanks again to Frank of Peach City Runners for the fast skis!!