Monday, March 9, 2009

Trifecta Completed!

What a weekend! I (Team Big Deal*) had a very interesting weekend of high octane activities. On Saturday morning we were greeted by a brain freezing blizzard at Sovereign Lakes in Vernon where we competed in a 30km loppet. It was pretty nuts, almost a foot of snow fell right before the race so we had to lift our legs pretty high, and the groomer went over part of the track which made it super narrow! This narrowness caused a hard fall when I caught a tip in the snow beside the trail! While I was licking my wounds an older gentleman (58) passed me and continued to put the hurt on me for a few more k's. Luckily, age was on my side as I had to out sprint him for 14th place overall! I know, but he was tough! After the race, as per Dave's recommendation we hit up Moxie's in Kelowna. bunch of tired looking guys sitting in really nice leather chairs.

The following morning we raced in a 5km, this was fun but not at the same time. It was a freezing northerly wind and I elected to wear shorts! This race probably turned out to be a mistake for me as I have been nursing my left calf ever since. At least I'm keeping our "team" Physio in business!!

As for that afternoon, we competed in a Master's swim meet. It was so much fun and my times weren't that bad, I was especially stoked about my 100m free time as I was only a second off my lifetime best, of 1:03!!

After a weekend like that, I was pretty wrecked for a few days and now the "sore" calf/ankle is a bummer. But, the good thing about getting an injury is that it reminds you how lucky we are to do this and be so active.

Go take a nap.


*I am merely an honourary member of TBD, as I have not completed the criteria to be an offical member.


  1. It's about time!!! You said this post was ready at yoga last monday. Drinking beer on sunday night after the trifecta would have helped your efforts to meet the "criteria"

  2. Geoff... I joined your blog because you and I share the same name, and im not sure about you, but I have never met a Waterman that isnt related to me...