Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring break!!!

Spring Break!!! Well Spring break is upon us, I'm on the second week of a great Spring Break, I spent the first week at Apex with Sam and his friend Carolyn. We had several Kenny vs. Spenny episodes on the ice and on XBox. Fortunately, we're at 2000m up there so I was able to keep the hockey casualties to a minimum. Sam would shoot the puck to the other end of the ice so that he could recover while I went and got the puck. Unfortunately for him this didn't help his cause as I've been at altitude several times this year! It may have been the spanky new skates Sam got me for my belated birthday present! As for the Xbox, Sam dominated like the champ he is.
Now I'm back at home and procrastinating very well at getting to work (marking and planning). I have been riding quite a bit too. I'm excited for the season!!
Take a nap, you've earned it.

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