Monday, February 9, 2009

Highs and lows

Well isn't life interesting, one day you can be like a well oiled machine and the next you can be a snot factory with the wheels falling off. I had a great ski this past Saturday, I classiced for 30 km, with Tom, Dave and the president of Nickel Plate himself Mike Bartier or Mr. President as he prefers to be called. It was a perfect day, the sun was out and the snow was fairly quick. The first lap felt great I went 59:45 for 15km, with an average heart rate of 138. I just tried to stay steady and not work too hard. On the second lap I turned it up a little bit and attacked all the up hills and sharp corners. I went 58:15 for the second 15km with an average heart rate of 143. It felt a lot harder than that. After I finished I think this is where the grease turned to snot, I didn't get enough post-effort fuel in and I was cold even though I changed clothes. Now being Monday and having taken yesterday and today off I'm still feeling under the weather. Hopefully tomorrow brings a little more health.

This leads me to some thoughts. It's funny how we (we - meaning people in good health who are active and eat right and get enough sleep) take our health for granted. I couldn't imagine living with an extra 25kgs or some sort of cardio respiratory disease. So with this feeling of "ok I'm sick but when I do feel better I'm going to really appreciate it" I'm going to continue doing work for the upcoming week and get to bed early, so that I can fully appreciate my glorious predicament of being fit, healthy and happy.

wash your hands

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