Saturday, March 28, 2009

My eyes are up here!

I guess you could say that I'm getting tired of people talking about and looking at my rack. We had a group ride today out to Oliver (the self proclaimed Wine capital of Canada) and then up past the White Lake observatory**. I took out my Cannondale instead of the winter steed. Right away people were making lude comments about my rack, wondering where it was, and how big it was, how much beer my rack could hold. Heck they even wanted to touch it! You can look but you can't touch. I'll be keeping my rack wrapped up from now on in a pair of Paniers for commuting to work, and the 'Dale for the more 'serious' rides. All I can say is I'm looking forward to this weeks threshold Thursday at the Naramata Dipper.

Remember, look at the sun and then look away.

** I was doing well, but just like Olly, Dave and Tom dropped 3rd period French in high school, I as well got dropped like 3rd period French.

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  1. Bring your biggest rack Thursday, i will be waiting with open arms.