Sunday, March 21, 2010

What makes an amazing sandwich?

Have you ever had a sandwich that was like..........damn! The other day I felt like having soup and a sandwich. So I had the stand by cloudy day soup - chicken noodle and I made a turkey sandwich on Squirrely bread. So what makes a great sandwich? Is it the bread? The veggies or the sauces? I think its all of the above, plus the process!

Firstly, the bread. Can't be dry or fall aparty. I like it toasted.
Secondly, mayo or ranch dressing.
Thirdly, put the lettuce on one piece of bread and the meat on the other. This step holds in any juices that may make the bread soggy in transport or storage.

Lastly, I put tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers in the middle.

Sounds pretty good.

the only other thing that could make it taste better is if someone else makes it!!

Take care


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