Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring break Extraveganza

Well, another Spring break has flown by! The first week my friend Sam and I headed up to Apex for our annual Kenny vs. Spenny weekend-o-fun. This consisted of snowshoeing up Mt. Riordan a couple of times, skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing and of course hockey. Oh yeah there was some Call of Duty, beer, and amazing amounts of beef. Plus a sprinkle of unassuming snowballs! We started off with a snowshoe up Riordan, it was my great idea that we should pack our downhill gear up with us, it was good but a sweat fest. The second day we tried to go downhilling but visibility was atrocious! So we cross countried instead. Sam did amazing for a guy who hasn't been more than a handful of times. On Saturday we awoke to an amazingly blue sky and about 10cm of fresh powder. We got down for first tracks and possibly had the best snowboarding I've done in the past 10 years!! We got in about 20 runs and our legs were fried! (this was foreshadowing for the following morning where a mano-a-mano hockey match was scheduled).

A little background info, Sam is a better hockey player than me hands down. He's bigger and has has played a lot more. But......the rink is at altitude, I've been training for triathlon and cross country skiing, oh and my Rec Leadership loves playing hockey. On top of this Sam is studying for his final Med School exam, the big Kahuna!! Needless to say, we are 1-1 for two years. I won 5-3.

That afternoon, I went down to Penticton and got my girlfriend Katie so we could all go for a skate ski together. Once again Sam did amazing for his first time Skating. We made a little promotional video for his upcoming lecture on weight loss.

The next morning we went up to Riordan again sans downhill gear. It was way easier and gave me a chance to catch Sam off guard at the top with a snowball. The perfectly shaped snow projectile caught him in the back, not as good as last years "back-of-the-head-while-he-was-peeing" but still good. It was on, there were several near miss head shots and a couple of good body shots all in all I need to work on my throwing arm! It was a fantastic time!! I'm looking forward to next year already!! GW

Ps: I got consistently throttled at Call of Duty. Plenty of getting knifed in the back and not even knowing what had just happened!

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