Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Shoeing in the Sunshine!

This post is a little late, but as they say in the world of Assessment for Learning (AFL) better late than never. So last weekend Katie and I were up at Apex with our friends Crystal and Dan who were up from Vancouver. It was a great time of skiing, skating and snowshoeing. Oh and some beverages were consumed and some games were played (Blokus and Crib) We shared the dinner making responsibilities, we made a nice chicken stirfry with rice noodles and Dan and Crystal brought massive Halibut chunks for our consumption. I have never tasted fish that nice before.

Fortunately, for all those concerned the weather cooperated as well. When I say cooperated I mean plus 12 and hot, getting our winter fix of vitamin D. Here's a couple of shots from a balmy snowshoe.


  1. That IS NOT 'Rocky' training. We will un-link you if you continue to post videos claiming that your performance/training is 'Rocky' like.

    To see a demo of 'Rocky training' meet ABD & KBD at the pool next month some time.

  2. That's right...Rocky and Appolo will be battling it out next month with the 50m butterfly.

    Good video clip..thanks! Where is the one of you skiing?