Monday, August 23, 2010

Nationals - The exam

Yesterday was the National Triathlon Champs in Kelowna.

I'm going to preface this post with an analogy. Triathlon or sport in general for that matter is like school. You spend a lot of time and energy preparing for an exam, making sure there are no holes in your knowledge so that when it comes time to write a test you can handle anything the prof throws at you.

I felt like I had studied appropriately and was prepared, apparently I was studying the wrong material! This exam kicked my ass. Big shout out to the guys in the 25-29 age group, they were frickin' solid. Rob, Ryan, Ramzy and Clarke great races guys! I look forward to next year already!!

I had a good swim warm up, and got the position I wanted on the beach, far right with a straight line to the first bouy. The gun went off and I was smooth, I found Ryan Smiley's feet right away and felt comfortable. The swim went as planned, 19:40.

Out on to dry land, My wetsuit wouldn't come off, I think the zipper got caught up in my racing suit, then as I got it off by my bike my left hamstring cramped up nice and tight. I didn't want to let this phase me so I spent the first 10 mins on the bike stretching it out taking in some fluids and a gel. Meanwhile I lost touch with some fast cyclists. I salvaged the bike ride and got my legs back on the 3rd loop and got my mind ready to run fast. Just a point, Rob Eakin went past me like I was going backwards, it was awesome to see!

My running has been very promising lately. Through T2 I picked up my feet and tried to run under 40mins (which was my goal) The first 3km were tough but I found my stride for the final 7km. Just kept trying to build. I finished 13th in my age group, not good but I don't want to be a whiny little bitch. It wasn't my day. Thankfully though I had a bunch of fun still.
Next year I want to be stronger and it will happen, just gotta keep my stick on the ice.

I would really like to thank all the people that have helped me out this year. Andrew, Chris and Ginny from BPR, Will from the Bike Barn, Mark Kildaw, Marc Nicmchuk, and the guys that I look up to and am fortunate to train with DBD, ABD and KBD. I'm very fortunate to have all these people that help me out so much! Also to my girlfriend Katie for being a big supporter of my training.

Is it time to ski?


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