Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You come to my house... and kick my dog?

The Mob is everywhere, they are connected to everything and everyone. Let me tell you their evil tentacles are here in Penticton alive and well. Anything and everything you do is being watched by someone and if you do something bad (ie: fail a kid who may or may not have ties to the mob) it/they will come back and get you when you are least expecting it. Take for example my most recent visit to Iron sport physio, I'm laying on the table (with my clothes on - hold your horses ladies) and Mr. Mark Kildaw (mild mannered triathlete by morning and evil physio by night) pulls out 4 inch acupuncture needles. Basically it's the mob's way of sending a guy named "Tony the Shovel" to your house to send you a message. The result being the same -- I can't walk. I rest my case but I'm going into adjudication meetings for failures next week and if this inability to walk continues I'll have no names on my list.

Hell, it may just be Karma, who's to say?

I think I'm going to sleep an extra 2 hours tonight.


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